VRA Zami II vs Rood en Wit Zami

On a beautiful summers day (HA! Joke!) the legendary ZAMI XI met each other on the VRA terrace for a very special afternoon of cricket.

As most of you know South Africa is playing The Netherlands on the 31st of May on the VRA ground. Therefore no-one (Not even VRA's 1st XI) was allowed near the 'holy' pitch. Due to an error of VRA's ground staff (They forgot to put covers on the ABN AMRO pitch) and with VRA 1 vs Hermes DVS 1 on the old ACC field, there was no other option then to play on the main pitch. This it the point where it gets tricky, so please bare with me.

We were allowed to play on the main ground but on the matting and not on the grass wicket. Actually we were not allowed anywhere near the carefully with white flags designated  'grass wicket' area. Secondly it was decided that we could only bowl from one side. Unfortunately the VRA captain made the astonishing decision that we would bowl from the 'Entrance Side' therefore placing the grass wickets in the area of a batsman's cover drive. Hitting the ball inside the grass area meant a 'dot ball' in the book. Hitting the ball hard  enough so that the ball would land inches outside of the flagged area meant the batsman could easily take 1 run as the fielder had to wait for the ball to come out of the grass wicket  area. The VRA zami's fielded three Ex-Rood en Wit players. Two of them playing for our very own ZAMI side just 9 months ago. Sebastiaan Capel and Robert Prenen were helped in  their cause to beat their history by former Rood en Wit chairman Willem Kloppenburg. The stakes were never higher. Luc lost the toss and VRA decided to put us in the field. We  opened the bowling with tight off spinning deliveries by Pieter de Graaff and the slow left arm bowling from Tarick Weber. In tandem the duo made sure that after 14 overs VRA was at  3/3. Pieter 1/22 and Tarick 2/25

Next up was Alexander "Muis" de Graaff. What followed was a series of mind bogglingly good leg spin bowling. Willem Kloppenburg looked  absolutely lost on Muis' flighted hurricanes and soon comparisons to Shane Warne left several lips. Muis ended his spell with fantastic figures of 2/19 in 4 overs and adding  Mr.Kloppenburg to his scalp list. The famous (For those who read the Spriet) zami first timer Malinga and Maurits saw us through the middle overs with some steady bowling and  never let VRA get away with too much. Parvesh finished the innings off with an attacking spell of slow left arm bowling with figures of 2/26 in 6. At the death of VRA's innings we saw  the familiar faces once again. They claimed to play for VRA but were wearing Rood en Wit sweaters, t-shirts and caps. Very peculiar. Rood en Wit restricted them to singles and  doubles but were unable to take their wicket. VRA 153/7 after 35. After a splendid lunch which featured pasta salad and various meats, cheeses and salads to put on pistoletjes the  captain decided to put Maurits and 'fresh meat' Hugo van Doornum out to bat. On the 3rd ball of the innings Maurits decided to play a ferocious straight drive hard and fast through  the air. Someone in the crowd shouted 'SHOT!!' but as the ball came crashing down, Bob Prenen came in sight right on the edge of the boundary. Bob never looked more confident  and safely pocketed the catch. The last time Bob took a catch for Rood en Wit was nearly 2 years ago. The devil works in mysterious ways. Pieter de Graff came in and Piet and Hugo  teadily started to build towards the 154 runs needed to win. Hugo edged a short delivery by Mr.Prenen into the hands of the VRA keeper and departed with 7 runs in a 31 runs  partnership.
What followed is a flurry of wickets. First Pieter departs edging the ball to the keeper. Which was very unfortunate as Pieter was batting well and looked solid with 28 runs, striking 1  f the 2 sixes hit on the large VRA ground that day. Tim Taylor, Bart Nawijn, Klaas Kruijer and Tarick Weber departed with scores between 1 and 13. Both Klaas and Tarick were  napped  p by Mr. Capel Tarick was caught by Mr.Kapelle (Capel vs. Kapelle) and Klaas lost his mid-stump in one of the treacherous deliveries Seb unleashed that day. Perry (26) and  uc (12) gave the Rood en Wit men some hope for a win but when Luc struck a ball bowled by Mr. Prenen and was caught at mid wicket by Mr.Capel everyone knew the game  as  ruly over. 122 all out after 34.2 overs. We are very happy to announce though that the transfer rights of Bob Prenen for our England tour were secured. According to Twitter the Delhi  are devils and Chennai Super Kings were after his signature  for the same dates but Bob stated that  "the love for his old club couldn't keep him away from a wonderful opportunity to  play cricket and enjoy many pints in Canterbury's finest establishments." Unfortunately Sebastiaan Capel signed on for a tour with VRA in the same week (After initiating the Kent  our).

Rumours say VRA offered better political connections and more batting opportunities (He batted at 8....) At the end of the day we clinched and forgave the outgoing transfers and  n compensation for our losses many beers and bitterballen were enjoyed with our very social opposition. I’ll leave the reader with a date. 29th of June Spanjaardslaan Haarlem.  Revenge will be served.




PARKEREN & ROUTE : VOLG VAN LIMBURG STIRUMSTRAAT PARKEERPLAATS s.v.p. bij de school (zie onder), niet bij de ingang cricketveld!
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