FFOP cc succesvol op en tegen Madeira

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Dit reizend cricketgezelschap heeft, na eerdere optredens in o.a. Baarle-Nassau, Vaticaanstad, IJsland en Andorra, haar vleugels uitgeslagen naar Madeira. Met een overwinning en heel veel plezier werd weer voet op Nederlandse bodem gezet.......

FFOP C.C. beats Madeira XI

 On the 30th of August – in an away match – the Netherlands based  eccentric and intrepid Fellowship of  Fairly Odd Places C.C. ([email protected]) beat Madeira island team. FFOP C.C. scored 296 in a 40 over match, while the for the occasion raised Madeira XI (self-styled the Duke of Clarence XI) scored 276 o.a., with local Madeira wine maker Chris Blandy scoring a solid 117.

The match was played in the national stadium, home of Club Sportivo Maritimo. Under the watchful eyes of a decent number of both Commonwealth as well as Dutch ex-pat spectators, and (to be expected) perfect weather conditions the glorious match ensued.

  The early eighteen hundreds saw some cricket in the island, as British naval personnel – based in the capital Fuchal – regularly sought unbending while occupying the island for the Realm. Rumour says that 1926 was in fact the last time a match was ever played. So now cricket has officially returned to the island.

 Initiated by FFOP C.C., the Holy Trinity Church in Funchal and Madeira Team coordinators David  and Pip Atkinson turned out to be instrumental in organising the grand event, which was also in support of the local food bank and sponsored by the local Duke of Clarence winery.

A televised match report is to be found here: 

www.maritimo.tv/pt/play/22-outras/1039-maritimo-surpreende-com-jogo-de-criquete     OF / OR

FFOP C.C. ([email protected]) as previously played the Vatican, Iceland and Andorra, and will keep on doing their cricket missionary work in years to come.

 The Duke of Clarence XI has stated they will most certainly stay active as a team and are open to offers from any touring team willing to pop over.

 Erik Bouwmeester



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